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Be a Stakeholder: Become an APTS Associate Member

Success in the future of public telecommunications will depend on the strength of effective partnerships and collaborations. Public television stations, the last locally owned media outlets in the country, are no exception. Around the country, public TV stations are partnering with companies, organizations, foundations and schools to create vital local public telecommunications centers in the digital era.

As an APTS Associate Member, you will be identified as an investor in public broadcasting's future.

APTS is taking the lead to ensure federal policies, and funding and regulatory issues support local public television stations. As an APTS Associate Member, your name will be kept in front of our members, the nation's public television stations, and your support will be recognized at events, in publications and on our website throughout the year.

As an APTS Associate Member, you will receive benefits designed to keep you informed about public television's strategic direction and potential partnerships and to give you a voice in the dialogue setting the direction of public television. These benefits include subscriptions to APTS publications, legislative and regulatory updates on public television issues, and access to the members' section of the APTS website. For a full list of member benefits, click here.

Current APTS Associate Members: