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Grants available for projects advancing education, equity and leadership for women and girls. Special interest in STEM learning. Application open from early August through early January.
Six-week fellowships are available to U.S. journalists for in-depth coverage of "policy-relevant" issues concerning the U.S. and Japan. Deadline: September 15, 2014.
Grants of $25,000 or $50,000 for projects promoting healthy eating and active living, including through digital media. Next deadline: July 30.
The foundation’s new Women’s Initiative will award a production grant of $25,000 to a photojournalist for a project focused on abuse of women in the United States.
Grants available nationally for STEM learning, job training, literacy and the environment. Deadlines are February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1.
The Foundation makes grants to support STEM learning and teacher training. Grants also support projects that disseminate health information and education.
Grants support organizations with strong leadership that are active in the arts, education, health, veterans’ issues and community issues. Grants also available for leadership development training.
Public media stations (especially university-licensed stations) would be excellent partners for this initiative to engage young adults with Muslim communities and cultures. Deadline: April 24, 2013.
The Foundation has strong interest in LGBT issues and has made many media grants to cover LGBT issues and bring forward these voices/stories.
The Foundation supports public media, arts and education organizations, especially in Colorado, Massachusetts, Vermont and Wisconsin. Unsolicited applications not accepted.
Grants available for collaborative projects using art to drive the vibrancy and diversity of communities. Special interest in DE, MT, NH, NV, OK, SC, UT and WY. LOI deadline: November 3, 2014.
Grants for individuals and organizations for research, study and creative work in Asia. Good fit for filmmakers, photographers, new media producers. Annual application window: September 1 – November 1
Grants for multimedia educational resources and curriculum focused on plant biology. Next application window: February – early April 2015.
One-year fellowships are available for print, broadcast and online journalists to pursue a significant reporting project related to the U.S. health care system. Deadline: October 1, 2014.
The Foundation issues RFPs for dropout prevention work, especially including “social innovation,” STEM learning, collaboration and/or technologies.
This Foundation has strong interest in job training, including for veterans and young people. Sponsorships also available for arts events. RFPs issued annually.
The Foundation supports media initiatives that actively take part in and work alongside constituent-led direct action organizations, helping them to create change in their communities.
Grants available locally (up to $10,000) and nationally (up to $200,000) for projects engaging young people with technology and digital media. National Grant deadline: November 1, 2014
Now accepting inquiries for Pathways Out of Poverty, focusing on education in DC metro area – Deadline 2/8; LOIs for Encouraging Citizen Involvement due 6/5.
Planning and implementation grants for community-based partnerships that address health solutions.
BRT intends to identify research-and evidence-based high peforming K-12 programs that address critical education and workforce preparedness issues.
Foundations across the country have joined this Campaign to promote grade-level literacy and prevent dropout.
The Foundation is ramping up its program and initiated grantmaking in arts (especially Native arts) and environment and building a program in disaster relief/preparedness, especially in the Midwest.
With a long history of leading support for public media, the Corporation now funds media initiatives around areas including education, democracy/voting and integration of immigrants.
This foundation focuses heavily on children and families, and has strong interest in early childhood education and literacy.
This foundation supports work that helps low-income families strengthen their voices and mobilize their communities. It doesn't accept unsolicited applications, but has made numerous media grants.
Chicken & Egg Pictures issues open calls for proposals to support women documentary filmmakers.
This corporate foundation supports health promotion and awareness, especially in communities where the company has operations.
This foundation’s new mission includes igniting change through “courageous storytelling,” including through art, film, music and social media.
This foundation gives nationally and has interest in education (including literacy and dropout prevention) and in journalist training. Next deadline: November 1.
This foundation provides completion funding for production of educational public media.
The Foundation makes grants in many communities nationwide. It supports public media and has interests in education, youth and the arts.
The Foundation recently announced $1.4 million in grants to help New York City arts organizations further their educational programming through the use of technology.
The Foundation supports literacy initiatives serving children, youth, adults and families in 40 states nationwide. Next deadline: February 27, 2014.
Grants will support media projects that advance public understanding of Muslims, organizations that present jazz and projects for the arts. Deadline is June 27, 2014.
Foundation supports journalism education and training, freedom of the press, literacy.
The Foundation is no longer taking unsolicited requests but has a history of support for public media and may be a prospect for outlets with a contact, especially for environment-focused work.
Great opportunity for stations looking for funds to support programs that utilize technology and/or computer and video games to educate children and youth.
The Foundation supports investigative reporting, especially on state and local issues, and professional development for journalists.
While unsolicited applications are not accepted, the Foundation's interests converge with public media, especially in the area of independent and documentary film.
FedEx has a strong interest in disaster relief and recovery. It has funded disaster preparedness, including preparedness education.
This foundation works to build the capacity of high-impact nonprofits, including through planning grants, capital funds, and equipment/technology.
The Foundation supports media initiatives that bring financial education to large, well-defined audiences, including youth and older Americans.
Grants are available for audience outreach and engagement associated with social issue films and transmedia initiatives.
Ford’s media funding places heavy emphasis on advancing social justice. Grants support public media, independent documentary, digital media.
This foundation supports innovation and education, community development and auto-related safety education. There is a fit for public media projects that expand or promote diversity.
This foundation gives in four areas: Global Development Program, Global Health Program, U.S. Program and Pacific Northwest Communities.
The Foundation mainly makes grants in Minnesota, but also supports health/nutrition, arts and education in areas of company operation.
The Foundation and local business units make grants to support STEM learning, veterans and workforce development.
Grants up to $20,000 available for archiving and preservation of the music and sound heritage of the Americas. Deadline, October 1, 2014.