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The Public Media Summit 2012 Information


The Association of Public Television Stations (APTS) invites you to join us for The Public Media Summit (The Summit) on February 26-28, 2012, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott Hotel in Arlington, VA. The Summit replaced our traditional Capitol Hill Day to focus on strategic issues facing the public media industry.

At The Summit, we will address our strategic plans on federal funding, donor development, spectrum reform, HD carriage, best practices in station management and business development, extending news and public affairs across a variety of distribution platforms, expansion of our public service mission, assessing the 2012 political situation, engagement with the Nation’s Governors, deploying new technology, making the most of lay leadership at the community and national levels, and inventing the future of the industry.

The Summit will feature major speakers, including senior Administration and Congressional officials and new NPR president Gary Knell, a special tribute to long-time PBS NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer – and a couple of big surprises we know you’ll enjoy.

We’ll also focus, as always, on the important challenges facing our industry on the legislative, regulatory and judiciary fronts. We invite APTS member stations and NPR member stations to join us and participate in joint outreach to every Member of Congress. Your legislators need to hear about your local station contributions to their communities during this critical time.

In addition to the perennial battle for federal funding, we will address the far-reaching policy changes now under consideration in Congress and at the FCC that may have a significant effect on your spectrum. And we’ll brief you on DISH Network’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court that may affect carriage of your HD signal. APTS needs your help in shaping these policies to the advantage of public broadcasting, and The Summit is the place to wield your influence.

We’ll make a special effort at this inaugural Summit to engage the energy, enthusiasm, influence and vision of our industry’s lay leaders as never before. Our 170 Million Americans initiative has created a powerful grass-roots advocacy tool to complement our Washington-based efforts. Now we need to strengthen our “grass-tops” strategy – and extend our volunteer army to execute it – to complete our advocacy “triad.” Please encourage your station’s lay leaders to join us at The Summit. We are sure they will find it worthwhile.

So will you. We need every station to work with us to energize our elected officials and plan our future together. We hope we can count on you, your senior station colleagues and your lay representatives to join us for The Public Media Summit next February.

To register for The Summit, click here.

The Public Media Summit

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