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Sunday Night Dinner Photos


6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Award Presentations

The 2015 EDGE Award was presented to Alan Popkin of KLCS in Los Angeles.

The 2015 Public Service Award for Excellence in Education was presented to Gail Porter Long of Maryland Public Television.

The 2015 David J. Brugger Lay Leadership Award was presented to Hilma Prather of Kentucky Educational Television.

NHK Presentation

A presentation about NHK with an introduction by Jay Campbell.

Remarks were made by Mr. Shoichiro Beppu and Ms. Aki Shibuya, Co-Hosts, NHK WORLD'S NEWSROOM TOKYO.

NPR President and CEO Jarl Mohn

Remarks were made by Jarl Mohn, President & CEO, NPR.

The Public Media Summit

Webinars/Conference Calls

The Grant Center Announces a 2017-2018 Webinar Series on Evaluation
Learn more and register for our three-part evaluation webinar series.
Through the Looking Glass: Distribution and Reflections
Date and time TBA. The final webinar in our evaluation series will help attendees understand how to communicate their impact to potential funders.