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KENW Provides Viewers with Access to Invigorating Dialogue

Report from Santa Fe has been providing KENW viewers with unique programming for nearly 40 years. The weekly public affairs program, hosted by veteran journalist and interviewer, Lorene Mills, brings the very best of the esteemed, beloved, controversial, famous and emergent minds and voices of the day to a weekly audience that spans the state of New Mexico. The audience is exposed to these fascinating conversations that take place exclusively for the Land of Enchantment.

During nearly 40 years on the air, Lorene Mills and Report from Santa Fe have given viewers a unique opportunity to become part of a series of remarkable conversations – always thoughtful and engaging, often surprising – held in a warm and civil atmosphere. Gifted with a quiet intelligence and genuine grace, Lorene Mills draws guests as diverse as Valerie Plame, Alan Arkin and Stewart Udall into easy and open exchange, with plenty of room and welcome for wit, authenticity and candor.

To learn more about Report from Santa Fe and view a selection of the programs, visit their website.

View a clip of Mills' Report from Santa Fe interview with Gore Vidal here:


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