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KNPB Connects With The Local Community Through The Public Affairs Program Open Lines

KNPB, public media in Reno, Nevada, broadcasts the live local call-in program called Open Lines. KNPB's mission and official slogan is "connecting our community" and Open Lines is one of the best manifestations of that. Open Lines addresses issues that are affecting the local community such as health care, environmental issues, government topics, the arts and more. Host, Michael Hagerty, and a panel of guest experts field calls from engaged citizens to help deconstruct some of the most critical topics of the moment. From national crises and state budgets to local arts, Open Lines tackles an array of important local issues. Topics have included:

  • Bullying in Nevada schools.
  • Bringing Nevada’s quality of life up from the bottom.
  • Issues affecting veterans.
  • Mental Health.
  • The future of news and journalism.

Produced and shot in the studios of KNPB, this 60-minute call-in, news style program is a combination of discussion and at times pre-produced segments further adding to the topic at hand. Open Lines reaches nearly 500,000 viewers in northern Nevada through broadcast on KNPB’s flagship channel. Viewers can call in and speak directly with the people in power, people making decisions that affect them directly and people that can answer their questions on issues of concern to them and their families.

For more information, visit the Open Lines website here.

Watch a full episode of Open Lines here:

To watch more videos, visit the Open Lines website here.


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