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KVIE Produces Three Educational Documentaries


KVIE Public Television recently produced three documentaries highlighting dilemmas that adversely affect educational efforts in California. In the first documentary, ViewFinder: High School Dropouts, KVIE interviews teens that have dropped out of school, or are on the verge of dropping out to determine their motives and reasoning. They also accompany school administrators and officers looking for truants and dropouts, and interview inmates in the San Quentin correctional facility to find out how their choice to quit school played a role in their imprisonment.

The second documentary, First Year Teachers: A Year in the Life, investigates why 25 percent of new teachers quit within four years and how this problem negatively impacts the state of California financially and socially. KVIE also follows two teachers for a year to get an inside perspective on the day-to-day challenges new teachers face.

The third documentary, Crisis in Caring: California’s School Nursing Shortage, focuses on the critical shortage of school nurses in Northern California, and its affect on students, teachers and the community. The documentary follows a credentialed nurse over the course of an exhausting day while she visits over a dozen schools. KVIE also examines how telemedicine research is helping to address this problem.

To view ViewFinder: High School Dropouts, click here.

To view First Year Teachers: A Year in the Life, click here.

To view Crisis in Caring: California’s School Nursing Shortage, click here


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