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NET Reaches Diverse Audiences through Education, Social Media and QUEST Initiative

What began as a single television station in 1954 has grown to a network comprised of five digital broadcast services with approximately 1 million viewers across Nebraska each week. The five digital distribution channels that comprise Nebraska Educational Telecommunications include NET1/NET-HD, NET2, NET3 NET Radio and NET Public Media, and together they connect with nonprofit, educational, government and community service organizations within the state of Nebraska.

NET reaches non-traditional audiences through via Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and YouTube and provides live streams of news and local high school and college sporting events. Reaching and impacting a diverse audience is imperative to NET, and NET collaborates with Native American Telecommunications Inc. to produce various productions.

As advocates for education, NET partners with Omaha Public Schools, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Nebraska State Museum as part of the Omaha Science Media Project which aims to bring technology into the classroom in new ways.

NET is also developing its QUEST initiative which is designed to enhance the coverage of science and improve its teaching, with special emphasis on the environment. NET will collaborate with KQED Public Media of Northern California to gain the benefit of its insights and experience in launching a similar QUEST initiative in 2007. NET, also partners with several colleges at the University of Nebraska –Lincoln to offer internships to journalism, communications and fine and performing arts students. These internships offer hands-on experience at NET and help pave the way for the next generation of communication professionals.


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