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PBS Hawaii Proves Students "Can Do" News

PBS Hawaii, serving local communities in Hawaii, is giving youth a voice through its primetime student news program, HIKI . Students from public, private and charter schools throughout the islands are sharing unique community stories to a statewide audience, on-air and online. HIKI is the first model of its kind in the United States.

HIKI – Hawaiian for “can do" – premiered in February 2010 with 54 participating middle and high schools throughout Hawaii. Now in its second season, that number has risen to 67 and includes a public elementary school.

In 2009, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting awarded PBS Hawaii $200,000 to help launch the student news network. To date, over $1.2 million has been raised to support HIKI production and training.

“Through the process of gathering information, writing, shooting and producing their stories, HIKI students develop critical thinking and workforce skills, while meeting PBS Hawaii's high standards for broadcast journalism,” said Leslie Wilcox, PBS Hawaii President and CEO.

Each story usually goes through about five drafts until it makes it on the air. Often, students and teachers dedicate time after school to work on stories. For at least one participating student, it’s worth it.

 HIKI is important because it’s something for youth like me to reach for,” said Harlee Livesay, a Konawaena High School senior. “It provides an outlet for us to tell what matters to us in our own voice. It’s an opportunity to reach for the stars and believe we can really do this”

For more information, visit the HIKI website here.

You can watch a recent full episode here:

To view more full episodes of HIKI , visit the website here.


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