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WBGU Offers Resources About Personal Electronic Devices in Education

As we continue to advance in a technology driven era, WBGU, public media for Ohio, offers BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology, a video series about personal electronic devices in education. BYOT is a new resource for both schools and parents that teaches the value of implementing a BYOT program into the classroom.

BYOT offers multimedia resources such as short videos for both parents and teachers that explain what BYOT is and how it can be implemented to help children be better prepared for their future careers. An informational video for older students about what to expect in regard to BYOT in the college environment is also included.

Supplemental resource guides for teachers, parents and students are available that include additional information about implementing BYOT in the classroom, Internet Safety and BYOT in the college environment.

BYOT: A Parent's Guide: This video will help parents understand what BYOT means and how it can help their children better prepare for their learning today and for the jobs of tomorrow.   

BYOT Parents Guide (downloadable PDF)

BYOT: A Teacher's Guide: Teachers will learn about the value of implementing a Bring Your Own Technology or BYOT program in the classroom. Throughout this video, teacher tips for BYOT, supported by research, will guide use of these devices to make a difference in student learning.

BYOT Teacher's Guide (downloadable PDF)

A College Freshman's Guide to BYOT: Writing tools, research strategies and even online admission expectations are changing. College students and faculty advisors will share what professors are expecting incoming freshmen to know about online research, writing and the tools necessary to succeed as even traditional college courses move toward a blended learning delivery method.

BYOT Freshman's Guide (downloadable PDF)

For more information, visit the BYOT: Bring Your Own Technology website.


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