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Wisconsin Public Television: Keeping up with Current Affairs

Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) plays a role in current political activity, as they provide on-air and online election coverage to help voters sift through recent electoral issues.

As part of their mission to bring unbiased, localized political news and information service to the people of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Public Television offers, a unique and highly user-focused collaboration with Wisconsin Public Radio. This site, available on both standard and mobile web platforms, brings a hybrid of local and national political news and coverage to users through a well curated site and searchable web archive derived from Wisconsin Public Television and Radio news services, but also from news agencies around the state and the nation. The site surely doesn't stop there.  

It also features much sought-after information such as polling locations, instructions and links for voter and electoral services, voter registration information, election results, interactive maps by county that contain information such as voter turnout rates and more. Additionally, the site offers live web streams of political events taking place throughout the state, such as debates, and features a video archive of current and past news pieces. One of the more popular features of the site are the series of candidate profiles developed to provide deep, meaningful and politically neutral information to voters throughout the state.  

As a "battleground" state being watched nationally, is a much needed service that extends the news and public affairs expertise of the two media partners statewide. The site is proving extremely popular and is used by both citizens and media throughout the state as a resource.

For more information, visit Wisconsin Public Television's website.

View a video clip from the Vote Wisconsin website:


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