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WPSU Raises Awareness of Domestic Violence

WPSU Penn State addresses the issue of domestic violence in the documentary, "Telling Amy's Story." Hosted by actress and activist Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order:SVU, "Telling Amy's Story" raises awareness about the pervasive and largely unreported epidemic of domestic violence in America.

The documentary is part of a  Penn State Public Broadcasting public media and outreach initiative, “Telling Amy’s Story -- Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence.” The project, funded by the Verizon Foundation, combines the documentary, produced, written and directed by PSPB’s Joe Myers, with a public engagement effort that focuses on the issue of domestic violence both on an individual level and at the community level.

The initiative grew out of a training program on domestic violence for the workplace, to help people identify signs of abuse in their co-workers. “If a stranger came into the office and began pounding on a colleague’s door, you’d call the police,” said Melanie Doebler, project director of the initiative. “But what if the person pounding on the door is your colleague’s husband? Would you behave differently? We have to talk about that.”

For more information, visit the website for "Telling Amy's Story."

View the trailer of "Telling Amy's Story" below.


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