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Logan (Reva and David Logan Foundation)

Contact information:
980 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1122
Chicago, IL 60611


Type of foundation: Family

Types of grants: Project, endowment.

Description: The foundation was established by David and Reva Logan. David Logan died in January 2011. He was a Chicago-based attorney and investor. He had a strong interest in investigative news and endowed the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California, Berkeley. He also had strong interests in the arts, especially in jazz and photography. Logan also helped support an annual symposium on investigative reporting at UC Berkeley; the Center for Investigative Reporting in Berkeley and PBS’s Frontline.

The foundation focuses on education, the arts, religion, the community (including voluntarism and leadership development), civil society, social change and aid to the disadvantaged. The foundation wants to be a catalyst for projects that would not be successful without its support.

Sample grants:

  • $250,000 to Center for Investigative Reporting (2007).
  • $110,000 to the Center for Documentary Studies (2007).
  • $50,000 to WNET (2008).
  • The foundation established the Logan Symposium, an annual “invite only” gathering that brings together some 300 of the nation’s top investigative reporters, editors, producers, media lawyers and industry executives to discuss the state of investigative reporting.
  • The foundation co-sponsored “Jazz,” the documentary film series by Ken Burns.
  • The foundation has made several smaller grants to organizations serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community (especially family organizations).

Fit for Public Media: The foundation has a clear interest in investigative journalism and has a history of funding public media initiatives in this area as well as in the arts. The foundation looks for projects that have strong convergence with family interests/values. Interested applicants should look for ways that their project aligns with Logan family interests and should explicitly identify how foundation support would “catalyze” the project.

Eligibility: Information not available.

Deadline: None found.

How to apply: The foundation will not respond to unsolicited grant requests. However, it will accept a short letter of introduction describing the applicant organization, its work and its future plans.

Giving range: Past foundation grants generally have ranged up to $250,000.

Assets: $1,717,056 (12/31/09)

Total giving: $332,580 (12/31/09). Large gifts have been made, indicating that some were made directly by David and Reva Logan, rather than through the foundation.

This Grant Center profile is a synopsis of the foundation and its giving, based on currently available information. It is not intended to be a comprehensive source. Be sure to consult the foundation website for additional information.