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Kendeda Fund

Contact information:

501 Silverside Road, Suite 123
Wilmington, DE 19809
Phone: 800-839-1754

Type of foundation: Independent.

The Kendeda Sustainability Fund is a donor-advised fund of the Tides Foundation. It appears that the Kendeda Fund and the Kendeda Sustainability Fund are two separate entities.

Types of grants: Program, general

Description: The Kendeda Fund is a charitable giving program dedicated to exploring how human beings can relate to one another and to this planet more mindfully and use resources equitably. Through its grant making, the Fund is committed to examining two of the critical questions confronting humanity: How do we live within the limits of the natural world in ways that promote community, equity, and health? How do we redefine prosperity so that it leads to deeper contentment in our lives?

After announcing a major grant to American Public Media, Fund Advisor Diane Ives said, "The Kendeda Fund's support for Marketplace and the suite of American Public Media programs is designed to bring about a truly transformational body of work within the field of public radio. While some mainstream media outlets are faced with cutting back on the ability to do more in-depth and comprehensive reporting, American Public Media is training a more focused eye on the concept of a sustainable economy, and is exploring it as the multi-faceted, contradictory and intriguing concept that it really is."

Sample grants:

  • $3,000,000 over three years to American Public Media in renewed support for continued in-depth news coverage and programming on global sustainability issues across several American Public Media programs. Tide Foundation's Kendeda Sustainability Fund, a donor-advised fund, was the original funder of American Public Media's Sustainability Initiative (2008).
  • $1,000,000 to Grist Magazine in general support (2008).
  • $558,000 to WGBH Educational Foundation for FRONTLINE's Heat Program (2008).
  • $50,000 to WGBH Educational Foundation for the environment desk for PRI's The World (2008).
  • $50,000 to Working Films in general support (2008).

Fit for public broadcasting: This is a good fit for high-impact public media programming, as long as it ties to the Foundation's focus areas. Because applications are not accepted, interested organizations would need to find an introduction.

Eligibility: Applications are not accepted.

Deadline: NA

How to apply: Applications are not accepted.

Giving range: Numerous grants in the $100,000 – $500,000 range.

Assets: $11,463,099 (2008) + $47,830,867 gifts received

Total giving: $37,486,712 (2008)

This Grant Center profile is a synopsis of the foundation and its giving, based on currently available information. It is not intended to be a comprehensive source. Be sure to consult the foundation website for additional information.