2015 PMS Booth 12 - AMV Westra

AMV Westar Master Control Services is a network-agnostic, state-of-the-art centralized master control facility. Powered by Grass Valley’s iTX and staffed by a supervisor team with over 26 years’ combined hub environment experience, the system is designed to hold 48 streams, or about 20 channels. AMV Westar’s no-capital-expense advantage for its clients includes all equipment, operation and interconnection costs. AMV Westar is part of All Mobile Video (AMV), a privately owned family company. Westar creates an individual air chain for your station, including live event switching, live insertion capabilities, PSIP, EAS-CAP, CALM Act compliance, MUX and transmitter monitoring, by request. Nationwide distribution is done over the Level3 private fiber network. Traffic services, with experts in Wide Orbit, OSI and ProTrack, are also available. For more information, contact ccole@westarsat.com or call 972-460-4465.